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Mar, 2024

La Jolla Impact G2010

Congratulations on an impressive State Cup run,
- our La Jolla Impact G2010 and Coach Austin are State Cup Champions…what an incredible achievement!!

"We did! And the last three games were so exciting and stressful.  The quarter final the girls were down by 1 at halftime and looking flat.  The girls had a half time talk and came back a totally different team to win 3-1.  Then the Semifinals same score at half time, down by 1.  It was not until the 82nd minute that our girls tied it and we went into shoot outs where our goalie saved 3 of the shots while our girls made their shots!  And our goalie was doing the “floss” dance before each kick.  Then the finals, again down by 1 at the half, another girls huddle and the second half a team that wanted to win stepped on the field to win 3-1!  The girls had injuries, illnesses, missing players due to trips, and they came together to make it happen. It’s a great team. No surprise that Coach Austin was amazing in supporting the girls and leading them. I’m a very proud team manager!"