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Kenya Help


Kenya Help is a 501 c (3) non-profit, begun in 2005, originally to raise funds to build a girls boarding high school in Naivasha, Kenya and to provide money for school fees for a children from poor families who could no longer pay the cost of high school. 

The school was completed about 5 years ago, so we have been able to expand our scholarship program.  We have send over 200 teenagers to high school, including 30 orphans who live in Mji Wa Neema (House of Hope).  To those children we made the commitment for education to the limit of their capabilities.  The first of them to graduate university is now a public health officer, a very important job in a country where HIV/AIDS, sanitation and disease control are major issues.  Next year will see a pharmacist and a nurse complete their studies.  The youngest is in 6th grade, so we have more work to do.

Your donated soccer uniforms have been given to poor children in and around Naivasha, not to play soccer, but for clothing.  The uniforms are like new and have delighted children who may never have received new clothing. 

Margo McAuliffe, executive director, has spent the last 13 summers in Naivasha, teaching math in the high school built by Kenya Help and living in Mji Wa Neema, where she is unofficial grandmother for those kids. 

More information can be found at  Anyone interested in reading about Margo’s summer activities will find blog posts on the website.